Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services℠

If you have confirmed mutations in both copies of the RPE65 gene and have discussed treatment with your healthcare professional you are eligible* to enroll in Generation Patient Services.

The goal of Generation Patient Services is to provide support that’s customized for eligible* patients. While patients are encouraged to use Generation Patient Services, enrollment is voluntary and is not required to receive treatment with LUXTURNA®.

Generation Patient Services can be a great resource for you but does not provide medical advice. You should always talk to your healthcare professional about any medical questions you may have.

Your support team can help by:

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Providing a caring support team from confirmed diagnosis through postsurgery follow-up

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Ensuring a single point of contact to help you navigate insurance coverage and connect you with financial assistance resources as needed

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Helping to coordinate your visits to the treatment center

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Answering any nonmedical questions you may have along the way

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Locate a specialist who can help with genetic testing and provide more information on Inherited Retinal Disease.

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*Participation in Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services℠ is voluntary. You may choose to participate in all, some, or none of the services offered. Participating or deciding not to participate in these services will have no effect on your ability to get treatment or the nature of your treatment or care. Generation Patient Services does not provide medical advice. You should always rely on the direction of your healthcare professional for treatment and care.